[USRP-users] Replay Block for UHD 3.15

Rob Kossler rkossler at nd.edu
Thu Jul 30 12:34:43 EDT 2020

I use the Replay block for both the X310 and N310. But, there are a couple
of issues that limit its usefulness. Is there a chance this could be
addressed on 3.15?  (I realize that the issues may go away with UHD 4.0).

1) For the N310, you cannot connect the 4-port Replay block directly to the
two 2-port Radio blocks.  This is a limitation of the noc_block to crossbar
bandwidth. It could be fixed if the default image included two 2-port
Replay blocks rather than one 4-port block.  (There is another concern as
to whether the external RAM can handle the bandwidth of 500 MS/s that is
needed, but I think that as long as you're only streaming out of the block
(not streaming in simultaneously) it should work).  Note that the same
issue holds for the X310 which has a single 2-port Replay block that
restricts it from connecting to the two Radio blocks because of the same
noc_block to crossbar bandwidth limitation.  It could be fixed by having
two 1-port Replay blocks.

2) I have issues with repeated streaming (starting / stopping repeatedly)
if the Replay block is connected through the DUC to the Radio.  I have not
been able to resolve these.

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