[USRP-users] Issues generating and loading bitstreams with RFNoC blocks (UHD-3.15.LTS)

Jorge Arroyo Giganto jarroyo at gradiant.org
Tue Jul 28 06:26:32 EDT 2020


I’m working on getting a solid workflow to build and use RFNoC blocks. I’m
using branches UHD-3.15.LTS and GNU Radio’s maint-3.7 (also, packet
gr-ettus from the master branch and uhd-fpga from the UHD-3.15.LTS branch).
I’m using an E310 (SG1), with the SD image I get with
‘uhd_images_downloader -t e310 -t sdimg’ (usrp_e310_fs.sdimg). Also, I’m
running Ubuntu 18.04 and I’ve got Vivado 2018.3 installed.

A couple of weeks ago I started trying to follow the ‘Getting Started with
RFNoC Development’ guide, and tried using rfnoc-devel and master branches,
but it seems like this UHD-3.15.LTS is the one working the best for me, but
I still have some issues.

Following the guide, I built a custom block (gain), which I was able to get
through the testbench (after quite a bit of attempts), but when trying to
generate a bitstream (.bit file) with my gain block I got the following

    ~/rfnoc_UHD315/src/uhd-fpga/usrp3/tools/scripts$ ./uhd_image_builder.py
gain fft -I ~/rfnoc_UHD315/src/rfnoc-tutorial/ -d e31x -t E310_RFNOC -m 4




     ERROR: [Synth 8-439] module 'noc_block_gain' not found

     ERROR: [Synth 8-6156] failed synthesizing module 'e31x_core'

     ERROR: [Synth 8-6156] failed synthesizing module 'e31x'

     [00:01:46] Current task: Synthesis +++ Current Phase: Starting

     ERROR: [Common 17-69] Command failed: Synthesis failed - please see
the console or run log file for details

     [00:01:46] Current task: Synthesis +++ Current Phase: Finished

     [00:01:46] Process terminated. Status: Failure

If it is useful information, I was able to successfully generate a
bitstream with existing RFNoC blocks (‘./uhd_image_builder.py window fft -d
e31x -t E310_RFNOC -m 3 –fill-with-fifos’ for example, is working), so
that’s why I guess my main issue is with the gain custom block.

Also, another issue I’m having is using uhd_image_loader on the E310
terminal when loading my own bitstreams:

     root at ni-e31x:~# uhd_image_loader --args="type=e3xx,addr="
--fpga-path /usr/share/uhd/images/e31x.bit

     [INFO] [UHD] linux; GNU C++ version 8.2.0; Boost_106800;

     No applicable UHD devices found

Is there anything I might be doing wrong? Or is this workflow with these
branches and tool versions not the most appropiate currently?

Thanks in advance,

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