Jayant Chhillar jayant17154 at iiitd.ac.in
Tue Jul 28 02:17:12 EDT 2020

Hi everyone,
I am trying to generate a bitstream for X310 board with the FFT block along
with few other ettus provided blocks. However, at the time of logic
optimization step I get this error

ERROR: [Chipscope 16-213] The debug port 'u_ila_0/probe1' has 9 unconnected
channels (bits). This will cause errors during implementation.

I’m not able to identify the source of this error. Also, before this
bitstream generation I did create a bitstream where I used chipscope using
the methode defined here:


And was able to do that without any errors. However, since then I have been
getting the above mentioned error.

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