[USRP-users] Data rate using usrp and grc

Koyel Das (Vehere) koyel.das at vehere.com
Sat Jul 25 03:43:42 EDT 2020


I want to capture data from usrp 2955 using USRP Source block of grc and write to file using file sink block of grc. Will there be packet drops if USRP source is set at 32 bit complex float in grc when receiving at 100 MSPS each from two channels? That makes 2*100e6*64 (32 bit I and 32 bit Q) = 12800e6 or 12.8 gbps. I am unable to set usrp source block in grc to 16 bit complex as then the usrp source block is not compatible with file sink which doesn’t have option for 16 bit complex. Please help


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