[USRP-users] 4 channel capture using grc and pcie

Marcus Müller marcus.mueller at ettus.com
Fri Jul 24 16:41:52 EDT 2020

Hi Cherif,

On 24.07.20 11:33, cherif chibane wrote:

> BTW, what is the real function og GR-Ettus?
If you're asking this, you don't need it!

gr-ettus (the capitalization matters) is a GNU Radio out-of-tree module
which you need if you want to develop GNU Radio applications that
involve custom RFNoC data flows. Few USRP users want to do this.

> I am aloso thinking of moving to Ubuntu 20.4 eventually.
> Does it mean that:
> sudo apt install gnuradio
> Will install gnuradio, GRC as well as UHD?


>  How about gr-ettus?

No. But unless you know what you need it for, you don't have to install it.

In case you **really** want it: to install it under Ubuntu 20.04, you
have to build it from source. It's easy – you only need to build
gr-ettus from source, not GNU Radio, and not UHD (don't do either, in fact).

Building it is relatively easy under Ubuntu 20.04 (please check that
none of the commands below fail before proceeding to the next one)

sudo apt install --install-recommends -y libuhd-dev gnuradio-dev git cmake swig liborc-0.4-dev
git clone -b maint-3.8 https://github.com/EttusResearch/gr-ettus
cd gr-ettus
mkdir build
cd build
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$(gnuradio-config-info --prefix) ..
make -j
sudo make install
cp install_manifest.txt ~/gr-ettus-install_manifest.txt


If you should ever need to uninstall your gr-ettus,

sudo xargs rm -rf < ~/gr-ettus-install_manifest.txt

Best regards,


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