[USRP-users] C# implementation for uhd_usrp_set_tx_freq in UHD:

Andreas Hagström andreas.hagstrom at testteknik.se
Thu Jul 23 11:41:26 EDT 2020

Hello, I am trying to use a UHD on a B210 on windows. I'm writing bindings
for c# through P/invoke on the C-bindings of the DLL. I tried to combine
the examples of tx_samples_c and rx_samples_c to see if I can replicate the
results of running the examples.

It's not going great; I can call and connect the B210 through the
uhd_usrp_make function. But the rest of my function calls doesn't seem to
do anything else than return  UHD_ERROR_NONE.

An example of this is calling uhd_usrp_set_tx_freq method. I check the
return value for errors and will get the return code UHD_ERROR_NONE (which
hopefully is fine). And then I check the uhd_usrp_get_tx_freq function the
value is not what I set it to. Whatever a do I cannot seem to be able to
set the frequency to anything.

I treat all the handles as an IntPtr which should respond to an struct*.

Anyone having tips and tricks are welcome!
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