[USRP-users] Which ports to secure with RF terminators and how to setup loopback testing.

Pavlos Basaras pbasaras at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 05:12:17 EDT 2020


i am a newbie to this so i would appreciate all help and pointers for
reading/understanding what i should (please excuse possibly newbie
questions, thanks!).

I have configured 2 usrp n310 devices, following the instructions from:
I am connected to both over all available ports eth0/sfp0/sfp1, and both
"usrp_find_devices" and "uhd_usrp_probe" seem to be working properly.

I would like to proceed with some real testing (

Q1: which TX ports should be secured with RF terminators? Assuming that we
use e.g., only RF 0, all TX ports in the remaining RF1-3 should be
terminated, correct? As we are not currently using any other port from the
front panel (e.g., gps, ref in, trig out, pps ), should these also be
terminated?  What about the daughterboard ports?

Q2:  the loopback configuration refers to using one usrp to test TX/RX,
correct?. So the setup for this testing is a single usrp, and focusing on
e.g., only on RF 0, by using sma-m to sma-m cable with 30dB attenuator to
start testing?

all the best,
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