[USRP-users] Different gain traces at RX interfaces

Arash Jafari arash.jafari.telecom at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 04:37:53 EDT 2020

Hello All,

My instrument (USRP X310) has 2 equivalent UBX-160 daughter boards.

*|   |   |       RX Dboard: A|   |   |   ID: UBX-160 v2 (0x007e)|   |   |
Serial: 31D5AC*

* RX Dboard: B|   |   |   ID: UBX-160 v2 (0x007e)|   |   |   Serial:

I applied an equivalent external stimulus at both RX interfaces.
but the same stimulus signal at RX1 and RX2 interfaces  results in an 18 dB
difference in relative gain trace!!!!!!
In attachment please find the relative gain trace.
Does anybody know what is wrong with the board?
Thank you in advance!

Dipl.-Ing. Arash Jafari

Phone: +43 650 844 3617
E-mail: arash.jafari.telecom at gmail.com
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