[USRP-users] LFRX/LFTX daughterboard combination.

Stephen Spears sspears at astranis.com
Tue Jul 21 15:20:29 EDT 2020

Awesome, thanks Marcus

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> On 07/21/2020 03:15 PM, Stephen Spears via USRP-users wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have a question about using the LFRX and LFTX daughterboards together. I
> tried contacting Ettus through their website, but received no response, so
> I thought I might find answers here instead. I need to do both RX and TX at
> low frequencies (<30 MHz), but according to the Ettus website, there is no
> combined TX/RX daughterboard for this range.
> I am wondering if I need separate N200s for each board, or if there is a
> way to fit both in a single N200. I ask this because the boards LFRX and
> LFTX boards look significantly smaller on the website (
> https://www.ettus.com/product-categories/rf-daughterboards/page/2/) than
> the combined RX/TX boards. If any of you have experience using these
> boards, please let me know whether using a single N200 is possible.
> Thanks,
> Stephen Spears
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> The N200 will support a single card *IN EACH DIRECTION*.  So, there's no
> problem having both a LFRX and LFTX in a single N200 or N210.
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