[USRP-users] gnuradio-companion can not find RFNOC blocks

Marcus Müller marcus.mueller at ettus.com
Tue Jul 21 14:39:46 EDT 2020

Hi Cherif,

this is typically an issue encountered if you didn't install the blocks
into a directory GNU Radio companion looks into.

Make sure that you've used `-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=` with a prefix that
contains a path that GNU Radio looks into; GRC prints the paths into the
console when it's started!

Best regards,

On 24.06.20 20:03, cherif chibane via USRP-users wrote:
> Hello,
> I have just installed RFNOC using the app note:
> https://kb.ettus.com/Getting_Started_with_RFNoC_Development
> I used the manual way because I was having some weird problems using
> Pybombs and I am using X300 under Ubuntu 18.4. I can successfully use  all
> the UHD commands, load FPGA with new images etc.I can also successfully use
> the Gnuradio-comapnion gnuradio blocks.
> But when I use gnuradio-comapnion graphs with  RFNOC blocks, it can not
> find them.
> Here is the error:
> Loading: "/home/rfnocdev/rfnoc/gr-ettus/examples/rfnoc/rfnoc_ddc.grc"
> Block key "variable_uhd_device3" not found
> Block key "uhd_rfnoc_streamer_ddc" not found
> Block key "uhd_rfnoc_streamer_fifo" not found
> Block key "uhd_rfnoc_streamer_radio" not found
> Any ideas What I am missing here.
> Thanks,
> Cherif
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