[USRP-users] iperf3 speed test fails between usrp n310 and host computer

Pavlos Basaras pbasaras at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 10:58:41 EDT 2020


i installed the usrp n310 following the instructions from

I have the same uhd between the usrp and the host

output of  "uhd_find_devices"
[INFO] [UHD] linux; GNU C++ version 5.4.0 20160609; Boost_105800;
-- UHD Device 0
Device Address:
    serial: 31B4030
    claimed: False
    mgmt_addr: <-- sfp0
    mgmt_addr: <-- sfp1
    mgmt_addr:  <-- this is from the dhcp
    product: n310
    type: n3xx

I can ping and ssh connect through any interface.
The uhd_usrp_probe command also appears to be correct also.

The host has a network adapter x520-da2 with two sfp+ ports, one of which
is configured to be connected with the sfp 1 port of the usrp at 10G,
whereas i use another port (on a DIFFERENT NIC on the host) at 1G to
connect to sfp port 0 of the usrp.
For the fpga image as indicated by the quide i used: uhd_image_loader
--args "type=n3xx,addr=<N3xx_IP_ADDR>,fpga=HG" to have 1G for sfp 0 and 10G
for the sfp 1.

I am trying to test the speed limit between the host and the host with

1--- For the sfp0 (1G port) the speed is limited to about 200Mbps, which is
very low compared to the 1G port. I connect the host to the usrp with the 1
RJ45 – SFP+ Adapter and the cat5e ethernet cable that came with the
usrpn310. I should see a significantly
higher speed (close to 1G), correct?

2--- For the sfp1(10G port) the speed is a bit higher e.g, 300Mbps, but
after only a few seconds it crushes with the error: iperf3: error - control
socket has closed unexpectedly. I am not sure if the  problem is an iperf3
related error/bug or there is stg wrong with the general setup. After this
failure the connection over the sfp1 port is lost, i cannot run another
iper3 test again or ping to this port. I also trying ifconfig down/up but
it does not work. Only after reboot i can reuse sfp port 1/

Example test:
iperf3 -s
iperf3 -c  -P 20

any suggestions???

all the best,
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