[USRP-users] Sync problem in custom DUC

Carlos Alberto Ruiz Naranjo carlosruiznaranjo at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 05:59:21 EDT 2020


I'm customizing the DUC block to do it 2input:1output

input 0  ---> DUC --->
                                      add ---> output
input 1  ---> DUC --->

I have added an addsub module between dds_timed and axi_wrapper. Apparently
it works fine. I can see two tones in the output if the inputs are 2 tones.

But I have a synchronization problem. If input_0 is a sine and input_1 is a
sine with pi phase the output should be 0. And the output is 0, but after a
while (3 minutes) no. I think that the channels are out of sync before the

Any idea about what is happening?

Thank you :)
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