[USRP-users] Newbie question on N200 and gnuradio companion

Anthony Holland tholland at skidmore.edu
Sun Jul 5 01:06:06 EDT 2020

Hello Ettus N200 /gnuradio companion gurus!

A ‘newbie’ question……

I have a gnuradio-companion set of blocks that
Produce a custom designed complex periodic waveform
Using the voltage controlled oscillator block in grc.
It outputs a complex periodic waveform at 100kHz.
If I purchase an Ettus N200 with the appropriate daughter boards
(That go down below 1mhz) can I just send the output of
My eco block in grc direct into a UHD RSPN sink to
Have the signal come out in analog format from the N200?

I’m hesitant to spend the money on the N200 if it’s not going to work.

Thanks for any tips/pointers!  (Maybe a working grc example that works
With N200?)


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