[USRP-users] How to use a Ham It Up with the USRP B210

Marcus D. Leech patchvonbraun at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 12:17:29 EDT 2020

On 07/03/2020 12:03 PM, Alex Humberstone via USRP-users wrote:
> Just a quick and basic question. I want to receive down at like 
> between 1MHz and 10MHz. I have a USRP B210. I knwo that the USRP B210 
> only goes down to 70MHz. So I bought a Ham It Up 
> (https://www.nooelec.com/store/ham-it-up.html) upconverter to get down 
> to like 1MHz and 3 MHz. So how does this all work? Does the Ham It Up 
> upconvert the frequency range from 100KHz to 65MHz up to a center 
> frequency of 125MHz? So then isn't it true that if I tune the USRP 
> B210 to 125MHz, I would see my two 1MHz and 3MHz input tones appearing 
> up at 33.5MHz and 35.5MHz? Just want to clarify this in my mind. 
> Thanks a LOT for your help everyone!
> -- 
> Sincerely,
> Alex-M-Humberstone
> PhD Student
> Klipsch School of Electrical Engineering
> New Mexico State University
> Las Cruces, New Mexico
Not quite.

An upconverter conceptually *ADDS* the incoming frequency to the LO 
frequency.  In the case of the HamItUp, the LO frequency is 125Mhz.
   So, to "see" 1MHz signals, you'd tune the B210 to 125MHz + 1Mhz == 
126MHz.  For a 20Mhz input signal, 125MHz + 20MHz = 145MHz, etc.

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