[USRP-users] USRP N300

Jean Marie Brieussel f6etu at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jan 27 09:12:38 EST 2020

Hello, I'm new to this discussion group.

I acquired a USRP N300 Serial number PA2085939, I use Ubuntu 18.04.3 I 
installed UHD V3.14.1.1.L and I installed GNURadio V3.7.13.4 all tests 
are passed correctly. I wanted to load the image of UHD to update the 
micro SD card the result of the loading is in the screenshot attached.

Can you give me the procedure to load on a micro SD card the image of 
UHD corresponding to the installed version.


Sorry for my bad English.

Jean Marie F6ETU
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