[USRP-users] sampling rate issue

massoud pourmandi massoud.pourmandi at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 02:59:13 EST 2020

Dear colleagues,

Based on the USRP B210 datasheet, I can increase the sampling rate of the
device to 28 MS/s if I use RFA (TX/RX, RX2) ports simultaneously as
transmitter and receiver, respectively. Thought, for sampling rate greater
than 2MS/s, I start getting messages at the output terminal. I attached the
messages in the following.

First: theses ‘O’ and ‘U’ signs, what are the meanings of these signs?

Second: I need to be able to use the highest sampling rate of B210, should
I have to use a more powerful PC?

I would appreciate if you explain the solutions of this issue in more
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