[USRP-users] B200 Output Frequency

Remco Vink r.vink at opnt.nl
Thu Jan 23 10:32:37 EST 2020


I am currently trying to generate a stable sine wave out of the B200 TX
The B200 is referenced to both a 10Mhz and 1PPS coming from a cesium clock.

However when measuring the output on a Frequency Counter the frequency
seems to be changing slightly  throughout.
For generating the Sine I tried both Gnuradio and setting a carrier
frequency, and I tried the ettus TX waveforms example.

The code currently outputs the following:
[INFO] [B200] Actually got clock rate 16.000000 MHz.
Now confirming lock on clock signals...
Ref: unlocked
Ref: locked
get master CLK_rate: 16000000.000000
[INFO] [B200] Asking for clock rate 32.000000 MHz...
[INFO] [B200] Actually got clock rate 32.000000 MHz.
get TX freq: 80000000.000000

What is the cause of difference between the Frequency Counter and the
Claimed output, and can this be fixed?
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