[USRP-users] phase-aligning two USRPs without Octoclock

Marcus D Leech patchvonbraun at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 13:08:25 EST 2020

You don’t need an octoclock, but you DO need an external 10Mhz clock of some sort. 

Because two oscillators free running won’t maintain any kind of phase alignment for more than a few cycles. So they need to be phase locked to a common clock. 

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> On Jan 20, 2020, at 3:05 AM, Sourin Mondal (Vehere) via USRP-users <usrp-users at lists.ettus.com> wrote:
> Following link (fig. 2) shows the cris-cross connections inside USRP to synchronize (phase align) 4 channels of the USRP. 
> https://kb.ettus.com/Direction_Finding_with_the_USRP%E2%84%A2_X-Series_and_TwinRX%E2%84%A2
> If I want to synchronize (phase align) all channels of two USRPs, is there any solution for the synchronization without using Octoclock-G method ?
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