[USRP-users] Supported ethernet controllers : X300 and UBX

voonna santosh santu_voonna at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 16 04:57:14 EST 2020

 Hi Sam,   The reason for this is that, I am seeing something strange here with fibre connection. The PC comes up and doesn't negotiate the speed with SDR. Now we are in a situation to find the root cause of this. Either the HW/SW at PC side is causing the issue or HW/SW at PC side is not compatible with SDR.
I have tried following methods at PC side and no luck:Bring down the fibre interface and up againTurned on auto neg and at PC side and no luckUsed ethtool to set the speed and no luckMany other option being tried, but doesn't help
All I want:What is(are) the Ethernet controller(s) being used in X300(HW and SW if it is OK to reveal)? This will allow us to check with Intel to select a right controller at PC side
What are the ethernet controllers that are being tested at PC side? 
Any information in this front would be highly appreciated.
    On Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 07:07:58 PM GMT, Sam Reiter <sam.reiter at ettus.com> wrote:  
That card should be fine for streaming, that controller just hasn't been explicitly tested as far as I know. Are you planning on using DPDK?
Sam Reiter 

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Hi There,   Good morning. As I could see in the documentation, Ettus recommends "X520 (Ethernet Controller)" at PC/host side. Is this a must?    We are planning to use X552 Ethernet Controller and I am wondering will it cause any issue. Can you please let me know what are the Ethernet Controllers can be used at PC side for SFP+ ports?BR,Santosh _______________________________________________
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