[USRP-users] X310 scheduled issue_stream_cmd()

Richard Joseph Muri ri28856 at mit.edu
Tue Jan 14 14:59:43 EST 2020


I'm using an X310 with a number of scheduled receives. I suspect there is a FIFO on the USRP that holds the stream_cmd_t until it is time to collect the requested samples. I have not been able to find documentation about the size of this FIFO. Could anybody point me in the proper direction?

Do I need to keep track of the number of stream_cmds in the FIFO? Is there some kind of acknowledge I can use to know the stream_cmd has left the FIFO? At the moment I am running an C++ application with two threads, one to issue_stream_cmd(), and one to recv(). I loop each operation, posting a semaphore after each recv() and waiting on a semaphore before every issue_stream_cmd().

I found this thread about using set_start_time():


Are these commands on the same FIFO issue_stream_cmd() uses?

Thank you!

Richard Muri

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