[USRP-users] Run time issue with (X300 with UBX)

voonna santosh santu_voonna at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 10 10:15:44 EST 2020

Hi There,   I have just updated to 3.14.1 and experiencing the following issue. The system starts well, then there would be couple of underflows (even at less sampling rates) and the following error is shown. In this case I don't see anything on the scope.
   I have restarted SDR and my PC, then it is working well. 

Command used: 
./tx_samples_from_file --args addr=  --file /home/svoonna/repo/test_files/test_file_SW_Samples_1MHz_28G.bin   --type short --spb 3640 --rate 50e6 --freq 60e6  --gain 0 --ant TX/RX --subdev A:0 --bw 40 --ref internal --repeat --lo_off 80000000
[ERROR] [X300] x300 fw communication failure #1EnvironmentError: IOError: x300 fw poke32 - reply timed out


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