[USRP-users] Daughterboard configuration options

Marcus D. Leech patchvonbraun at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 15:38:18 EST 2020

On 01/08/2020 02:49 PM, Jerrid Plymale via USRP-users wrote:
> Hey All,
> So I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the UBX Daughterboards 
> are configurable at all, and if so how? For example, looking at the 
> block diagram for the UBX 40 Daughterboard, it seems like some of the 
> clock parameters and filter parameters are that should be controllable 
> but I have not found any documentation on this. If someone can point 
> me in the right direction for this information it would be greatly 
> appreciated.
> Best Regards,
> Jerrid
The pre-ADC bandwidth of the UBX is fixed by the hardware 
implementation--there are fixed hardware low-pass filters either side of
   the ADC buffer amplifier.

In terms of clock, that *MIGHT* be possible, but it would require a fair 
amount of surgery in the drivers--there's a daughterboard clock
   that comes from the motherboard, which on some motherboards is 
somewhat-reconfigurable, and on others is not.

What is your actual goal?


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