[USRP-users] tx_samples_from_file : Issue with repeat option

voonna santosh santu_voonna at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 8 08:29:18 EST 2020

Hi There,   Good morning. I am experiencing an issue with tx_samples_from_file when using option "--repeat". Everything looks alright when it TX the file, but once it reaches the end of the file, it prints S and nothing appears on analyzer soon after that. 

The command I am using: ./tx_samples_from_file --args addr=  --file /home/santoshvoonna/repo/test_files/test_file_SW_Samples_28G.bin   --type short --spb 3640 --rate 50e6 --freq 60e6  --gain 0 --ant TX/RX --subdev A:0 --bw 40 --ref internal --delay 0 --repeat 

Git tag: release_003_010_001_000

Thanks and Regards,Santosh

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