[USRP-users] UHD RFNoC Update

Rob Kossler rkossler at nd.edu
Tue Jan 7 22:31:58 EST 2020

Hi Brent,
Is there any documentation or info that describes the major changes for
RFNoC and UHD that you mentioned?

On Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 3:23 PM Brent Stapleton via USRP-users <
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> Hey All,
> A couple months ago, we released the next iteration of the RFNoC framework
> in the master-next branch of the UHD repository. Recently, we've merged
> that into our master branch, and today we've pushed our most recent work
> public. This includes large and sweeping changes to our core RFNoC
> infrastructure, as well as the UHD API, and brings us one (or maybe a few)
> steps closer to the UHD 4.0 release.
> If you'd like to update your MPM-based device to the most recent changes,
> you'll need to update to the most recent filesystems (based on the
> OpenEmbedded Thud release), then update MPM itself, as described in the
> "Modifying and compiling UHD and MPM" sections of the UHD manual (1).
> Again, master is an unstable branch, and these are large changes, so if you
> would like to use a stable API, we recommend using the recent v3.15.0.0
> release.
> Happy hacking,
> Brent
> (1) https://files.ettus.com/manual/page_usrp_n3xx.html#n3xx_software_dev
> and https://files.ettus.com/manual/page_usrp_e3xx.html#e3xx_software_dev
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