[USRP-users] Building RFNoC image with default blocks fails, [DRC MDRV-1] Multiple Driver Nets: Net has multiple drivers

Jerrid Plymale jerrid.plymale at canyon-us.com
Tue Jan 7 12:13:52 EST 2020

Hello Cherif and Brian,

I did find the clock signal re-definitions you were talking about in *rfnoc_ce_auto_inst_x310.v*, and I did notice that the file is generated by the *uhd_image_builder.py file*, so I looked in the *uhd_image_builder.py* file to find the code that generates *rfnoc_ce_auto_inst_x310.v*. I was able to find the signal re-definitions in the image builder file, lines 43 and 44 I believe, and I changed them there.  So far that seems to have fixed the issue and I have successfully been able to build a custom FPGA image. The one thing I have yet to try is building one with a custom RFNoC block. Anyways, thank you for the help and I will post again if I run into any other issues.

Best Regards,


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