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Michael Dickens michael.dickens at ettus.com
Thu Jan 2 09:09:18 EST 2020

Excellent & Happy New Year to the UHD / Volk / GNU Radio community!

For OSX (Mac OS X / macOS) users, I updated the 'uhd' port in MacPorts to
this release last night; it is available right now!

We (MacPorts developers) recommend doing the following semi-regularly to
keep your 'ports' install up to date -- which right now will include
updating 'uhd' (and, if you use GNU Radio, then 'volk' too to the recent
2.1.0 release. I am striving to -finally- update the GNU Radio ports in
early January 2020 so-as to provide GR37, GR38, and GR39 options where
possible and available):
sudo port selfupdate
sudo port upgrade outdated
For most MacPorts users (generally: those using OSX 10.11 or newer), the
"install" and "upgrade" commands will download pre-compiled binaries, and
hence will be quite fast and reliable overall compared with building from
source. UHD / Volk / GR work fine on the current macOS release (10.15
Catalina) -- at least when installed via MacPorts!

I recognize that MacPorts isn't everyone's preference for a package
manager. I do not (yet) develop for HomeBrew or Fink ... because in my
experience MacPorts works more safely, more reliably, and overall better.
That said, if you want a pre-compiled and downloadable OSX GNU Radio .app,
check out @ktemkin's here: <
https://github.com/ktemkin/gnuradio-for-mac-without-macports >. I don't
think it includes the new UHD or Volk releases yet, but I've no doubt it
will in the near future.

Cheers! - MLD

On Thu, Jan 2, 2020 at 2:57 AM Michael West via USRP-users <
usrp-users at lists.ettus.com> wrote:

> Happy New Year!  UHD is now available!  This is an API release.
> It is not API or ABI compatible with earlier releases.  This release
> includes several new features and bug fixes.
> Installers for Windows and Fedora are available here:
> http://files.ettus.com/binaries/uhd/uhd_003.015.000.000-release/
> The PPA for Ubuntu can be found here:
> https://launchpad.net/~ettusresearch/+archive/ubuntu/uhd
> The tag for this release is located here:
> https://github.com/EttusResearch/uhd/releases/tag/v3.15.0.0
> There have been 317 commits since the last API release which can be
> viewed here:
> https://github.com/EttusResearch/uhd/compare/v3.14.0.0...v3.15.0.0
> Please report any bugs found on the UHD issue tracker:
> http://github.com/EttusResearch/uhd/issues
> * Please do not use the issue tracker for help or support.
> Pull requests for direct code changes can be submitted to the UHD or FPGA
> repositories:
> http://github.com/EttusResearch/uhd/pulls
> http://github.com/EttusResearch/fpga/pulls
> As always, we at Ettus Research would like to thank all of the UHD users
> in the open source SDR community.  This release contains commits from users
> in the community that submitted pull requests against the UHD
> <https://github.com/EttusResearch/uhd> and FPGA
> <https://github.com/EttusResearch/fpga> repositories as well as many
> commits that are a direct result of issues reported back to us by users
> like you through the UHD <https://github.com/EttusResearch/uhd/issues>
>  and FPGA <https://github.com/EttusResearch/fpga/issues> issue trackers,
> the USRP-users mailing list
> <http://lists.ettus.com/mailman/listinfo/usrp-users_lists.ettus.com>, and Ettus
> support <support at ettus.com>.  You have all helped contribute to the
> continued improvement of UHD.  Thank you!
> ##
> * N320: Fix MCR initialization, fix checks for LO distribution board,
>   reset RX IQ balance on init, replace DRAM FIFO with replay block,
>   improve constraints, fix I/Q imbalance compensation, add FPGPIO control
> * N310: increase default dc offset averaging window, make tunes
>   asynchronous, add capability to control RF filter bypass and freq.band
>   limits, fix setting user DB EEPROM, correctly report N321 vs N320,
>   improve DDR3 BIST, update max revision to 7, fix DMA arbitration to
>   use contiguous packets, replace DRAM FIFO with replay block, fix SFP
>   link up status, add workaround for clocking interference with external
>   reference clocks, disable gpsdo clock/time source options when
>   enable_gps=0
> * X300: Fix max bitfile size, fix GPIO ATR property access type, heavily
>   refactor, introduce conn_mgr, add DPDK support, add
>   capability to flash NI-2974 FPGA, fix clocking code, enable 11.52 MHz
>   and 23.04 MHz system ref rates, improve usage of constrained device
>   args, enable ADC gain through RFNoC API, add mode to set master clock
>   rate to arbitrary values between 184.32 and 200 MHz, throttle
>   muxed_zero_copy_if
> * E320: Fix time source clobbering ref source, add support for RevE, fix
>   reporting of FPGA version hash, fix SFP link up status, fix missing
>   ce_clk driver
> * E310: Convert to MPM architecture, fix uhd_image_loader usage, fix DMA
>   arbitration to use contiguous packets, reduced DMA chans to 4 (using
>   data stream muxing), fix DRAM_TEST target build
> * E3xx: Correct frontend name in devtest
> * B200: Add command to query bootloader status, fix sc12 streaming, fix
>   FIFO sizes on GPIFII interface
> * UBX: add temperature compensation mode
> * SBX: Only update ATRs when lock state changes
> * TwinRX: add LO charge pump properties, increase default charge pump
>   value on LO1, add low spur tuning mode, fix duplicate write to N value
>   in DDC
> * RFNoC/device3: Read command FIFO size from device instead of
>   hardcoding values, fix multidevice graph connections, ENABLE_RFNOC now
>   defaults to ON, search all nodes for tick rate, add update_graph()
>   call which lets blocks do a graph-wide update of properties, fix
>   missing port arg in SR_WRITE Noc-Script call, constrain
>   send/recv_frame_size baed on MTU, fix flushing on init/deinit, disable
>   FC ACKs for lossless links
> * RFNOC/FPGA: Fix rb_stb in split stream block, fix off-by-one error in
>   the window block, fix phase reset and -accumulator for DDC and DUC
>   blocks, fix flushing on split-stream block, fix DC offset issue with
>   DDS by using proper rounding, fix DUC/DDC sample rate switching by
>   latching N on M in axi_rate_change, various fixes to
>   uhd_image_builder, fix MTU settings in blocks, align byte count to
>   8-byte word
> * RFNOC: Allow UHD_RFNOC_DIR to contain multiple paths
> * Python API: Replace Boost.Python with PyBind11, fix benchmark_rate
>   statistics, fix phase alignment test script
> * Python API: Added include of complex.h to allow pybind to convert
>   complex data types
> * Python API: Make multi_usrp::get_*_usrp_info() return a Python dict
> * Python API: Fix array processing in send_waveforms()
> * UHD: Allow ignoring fallthrough warnings, reduce Boost footprint,
>   remove gpsd dependency, improve streaming, reduced the number of
>   compiler warnings, introduce pop() to the prop tree, add typecast
>   operator from uhd::dict<> to std::map<>, properly cache config file
>   data
> * MPM/mpmd: Introduce compatible rev numbers to support future hardware,
>   fix some resource leaks in mpmd, fix spurious reclaims causing
>   unnecessary warnings, fix resource leaks in liberio xport, allow to
>   mux data streams over liberio transports (e.g. to require fewer DMA
>   channels on E310), wait for DPDK links to come up before proceeding,
>   relax failure handling when updating components (fixes spurious errors
>   when updating FPGA images over SFP), fix issue where RPC
>   initialization would hang on failure
> * MPM:  Re-enable RPC server timeouts after components have been updated
> * MPMD: Remove arbitrary frame size defaults for UDP transports
> * MPMD: Fix incorrect link rate warnings
> * FPGA: Use new device-tree overlay syntax, upgraded to Vivado 2018.3,
>   broke various paths with critical timing, allow SystemVerilog source
>   files, improve viv_modify_bd and viv_modify_tcl_bd, fix resets on 2clk
>   FIFOs
> * USB: Allow cancelled USB requests to occur
> * USB: Fix global session race condition
> * Logging: Always honour log level, don't log colours for non-ttys, fix
>   includes, demote various log messages, fix logging colours, fix
>   deadlock on Windows machines
> * Examples: Fix benchmark_rate INIT_DELAY, fix memory leak in
>   tx_samples_c
> * Examples: Remove thread priority elevation
> * Examples: Add options to benchmark_rate for start delays and priority
> * Tests: Make the Python interpreter for devtests a parameter, add unit
>   tests to MPM
> * Utilities: Fix converter benchmark for Py3k and scaling issue
> * Tools: Fix kitchen_sink
> * Tools: Fix Wireshark dissectors to work with WS1, 2, and 3
> * Tools: Various fixes to FPGA functional verification tests
> * Docs: Various fixes, fix Doxygen warnings, fix links to KB, update
>   DPDK information about building libraries, add DPDK subsection about
>   thread priorities, update testing procedures
> * C API: Add uhd_get_abi_string, uhd_get_version_string
> * CMake: Make manpage compression optional, allow setting of PKG_DOC_DIR
>   from the CMake command line, add replay example, fix missing 'project',
>   replace ENABLE_PYTHON3 with a simpler Python detection, clean up
>   superfluous modules, improve log statements, bump dependency min
>   versions, add MPM unit testing, fix missing BIGOBJ for MSVC, add our
>   own UHDBoost.cmake to better find Boost across versions and systems,
>   constrain DPDK check to exact version
> * Formatting: Apply clang-format to all files, break after template<>
> Best regards,
> Michael
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