[USRP-users] Custom OOT C++ on USRP

Michael Bassi mbassi at srcaus.com
Mon Nov 25 18:08:51 EST 2019

Hi all,

I have created my first GNU Radio Out of Tree (OOT) module in C++

I have tested it in GNU Radio Companion (GRC) and it works as expected.
I would now like to run it from my USRP device (E312).
Currently my USRP does not recognize my custom module. Which makes sense! It is not a part of the GNU library....
I have tried copying my gr-custom_module across to the device root directory, but obviously the dependencies are not setup.
I have then tried running the standard cmake commands from the build directory (on the USRP), but these don't work.

I got some tips on stack-overflow:

I was told to:

  *   Set up a cross-compilation tool-chain on my PC,
  *   Cross-compile my module, and
  *   install it to the correct directory structure, finally
  *   copying over the thus generated filesystem tree to your device

How do I do this?

I'm currently reading this wiki https://wiki.gnuradio.org/index.php/Cross_compile_GNU_Radio_and_install_on_target. It says:
We have our environment set up such that we've run the environment script provided by the SDK and we can talk to the device. To build the program, we just need to follow standard instructions for our build system to make sure it uses the right tools from the SDK. The environmental variables take care of a great many of these issues. For CMake-based projects like GNU Radio and GNU Radio out-of-tree modules, we also provide a toolchain file. Setting up the project is then as simple as: (and then some special cmake commands)

What is this "environment script provided by the SDK"?
I can currently connect to my device via ssh. Though I'm assuming this is something different?
"we just need to follow standard instructions..." - what standard instructions"
what toolchain file?

Thanks again for any help!

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