[USRP-users] Question about the IMU (MPU-9150) on the E310

Beeman, Isaac L. ilbeeman at wpi.edu
Tue Nov 12 12:36:33 EST 2019

Marcus and List,

I was hoping someone knew the steps involved to get the RTIMULib setup on the USRP. I tried building and installing both the RTIMULib and Linux folders, but the Linux one fails:

-- Found unsuitable Qt version "" from NOTFOUND
Qt QTOPENGL library not found.
Qt QTGUI library not found.
Qt QTCORE library not found.
CMake Error at RTIMULibGL/CMakeLists.txt:90 (QT4_ADD_RESOURCES):
    Unknown CMake command "QT4_ADD_RESOURCES".
-- Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

I figured that I can't install the RTIMULibDemo apps because they use a GUI, so I built and installed the RTIMULibDrive and RTIMULibCal individually. Only, when I try to run one of these apps I get the following error:

RTIMULibDrive: error while loading shared libraries: libRTIMULib.so.7: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I don't get how to fix this. When I build and install the same apps on my host computer they run fine (but obviously can't find any IMU). Considering that any applications I write also use the same libraries, I feel like this is going to be an issue.

There isn't any documentation that I can find on the usage of the C++ library for RTIMULib. Just reading the code in RTIMULibDrive.cpp as an example, it doesn't seem too complicated, but it obviously is a generic program that isn't using the settings needed to connect to the MPU-9150.

If anyone knows how to get one of these apps (RTIMULibDrive or RTIMULibCal) working or how to use RTIMULib.h in connecting to the MPU-9150 over I2C, it would be much appreciated.

-Isaac Beeman

P.S. I also tried 'i2cdetect -y 0' to see if the MPU-9150 has the I2C address 0x69 like the schematics say, but I only get:

Warning: Can't use SMBus Quick Write command, will skip some addresses
     0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  a  b  c  d  e  f
30: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
50: UU UU -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

with nothing under 0x69. So that's weird.

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> Hi List,
> I have recently started working with the E310/E312 and have gotten multichannel RX/TX and GPS working, but I can't figure out how to grab data off of the internal IMU/MPU-9150. I found some website (http://gnuradio.cn/en/html/support/en/page_usrp_e3x0.html) that said that the USRP image should contain RTIMULib applications with allow the user to test the IMU, but, unless I am looking in the wrong place, the current image for the E310 does not have any RTIMULib applications on it.
> I want to know if there are any API calls or libraries that would allow me to do development with the IMU.
> -Isaac Beeman
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