[USRP-users] E310 RFNoC image

Skorstad,Jørn Joern.Skorstad at Nkom.no
Tue Nov 12 02:55:35 EST 2019

Hi list,

I have followed the application note https://kb.ettus.com/Software_Development_on_the_E3xx_USRP_-_Building_RFNoC_UHD_/_GNU_Radio_/_gr-ettus_from_Source to set up a cross compile environment for an E310 SDR. It works well, however I have not been able to get past chapter 7: Building a custom RFNoC FPGA Image, as I haven't set up Vivado 2017.4, as required.

I would like to experiment with RFNoC development also. The application note states «A future application note will cover a step-by-step install guide for Vivado». Until this application note is ready, is it possible to use an image built by someone else using this software version? (UHD_3.14.1.HEAD-0-gbfb9c1c7). If so, where could I eventually download it? What I need is 1xwindow, 1xFFT, 1xFIFO and 1xFosphor if there is space left. Radio and DDC is already on FPGA available as blocks?

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