[USRP-users] Help in frequency shifting with USRP

Snehasish Kar snehasish.cse at LIVE.COM
Mon Nov 11 08:34:50 EST 2019


I tried capturing GSM 900 band at a sample rate of 25e6 centered at 947.4e6 and stored in a file. Then on the captured data I tried shifting 935.2e6 to the center and perform a low pass filter samples out followed by a re-sampler to get 200e3 samples out. But I think the spectrum shifting is not wroking as it should be I am following the following link for spectrum shifting https://dsp.stackexchange.com/a/1993. I am using twinrx with 10gig sfp, UHD_3.13.1.0-0-unknown, ubuntu 16.04 and liquid dsp for signal processing.
fft - How to shift the frequency spectrum? - Signal Processing Stack Exchange<https://dsp.stackexchange.com/a/1993>
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Please let me know, where I might be going wrong.

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