[USRP-users] USRP N210 MIMO Synchronization

Tucker,Tyler M tylertucker1 at ufl.edu
Tue Nov 5 12:29:54 EST 2019

Hey all,

I'm using a pair of Ettus N210s as simultaneous receivers for cellular channels using a gnuradio program. I need these two devices to have synchronized clocks and time sources to accurately demodulate both uplink and downlink channels, so I have a MIMO cable connecting the two USRPs. In gnuradio, I have two separate USRP blocks: one with default settings for clock source and time source to represent the master and another with both clock source and time source set to MIMO Cable to represent the slave. The MIMO cable LED illuminates when I connect the two devices together. My concern is that my program runs regardless of whether or not the MIMO cable is actually plugged in, so I can't tell if the synchronization is actually working. Is there any available tool to check that the USRPs are correctly synchronized?


Tyler Tucker
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