[USRP-users] questions about uhd-dpdk with n310

王盼 ruoyilei at 126.com
Mon Nov 4 20:31:56 EST 2019

Hey Sam Reiter,
The output of "cpufreq-info && ifconfig" is in the attchment. At the same time I put more information about my system there. 
Both 10GbE links are binded to dpdk, so ifconfig can not output them.My cpu clock is 2.7GHz,maybe it is not powerfull enough.
It would be great If you can help me confirm my configuration . 
| |
ruoyilei at 126.com
On 11/5/2019 04:13,Sam Reiter<sam.reiter at ettus.com> wrote:
Hey Panny Wang,

You're correct, you should specify a second address with addr/second_addr, rather than addr0/addr1 - my bad. [1]

Assuming you're using both 10GbE links correctly, my next step would be to investigate the processor you're using. Something with a higher clock speed is generally recommended for higher streaming rates.

Would you be able to send over the output of:

cpufreq-info && ifconfig


Sam Reiter 

[1] https://kb.ettus.com/Using_Dual_10_Gigabit_Ethernet_on_the_USRP_X300/X310

On Sun, Nov 3, 2019 at 8:53 PM 王盼 <ruoyilei at 126.com> wrote:

Sam Reiter. When leveraging dual 10GbE links,I  specify" addr=,second_addr=",last email I didn't give the example . The result is not much diffrent with use a single 10GbE link.
I think it is  "addr=<xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>,second_addr=<xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>" but not "addr0=<xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>,addr1=<xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>". when use  "addr0=<xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>,addr1=<xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>",I get errors:
[INFO] [MPMD] Initializing 3 device(s) in parallel with args: mgmt_addr0=,type0=n3xx,product0=n310,serial0=316645B,claimed0=False,mgmt_addr1=,type1=n3xx,product1=n310,serial1=316645B,claimed1=False,mgmt_addr2=,type2=n3xx,product2=n310,serial2=316645B,claimed2=False,type=n3xx,mgmt_addr=,addr1=,addr2=,master_clock_rate=122.88e6,use_dpdk=1
[ERROR] [RPC] Someone tried to claim this device again (From:
[WARNING] [MPM.RPCServer] Someone tried to claim this device again (From:
Error: RuntimeError: Error during RPC call to `claim'. Error message: Someone tried to claim this device again (From:
root at seu73:/home/seu# 
On 11/2/2019 02:30,Sam Reiter<sam.reiter at ettus.com> wrote:
Panny Wang,

I notice that you're only specifying a single streaming address in your call to benchmark rate, implying that you're only leveraging a single 10GbE link. You can specify "addr0=<xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>,addr1=<xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx>" in your device args.


Sam Reiter
SDR Applications Engineer
Ettus Research

On Wed, Oct 30, 2019 at 3:20 AM 王盼 via USRP-users <usrp-users at lists.ettus.com> wrote:

 Nate.I want to use DPDK in UHD with N310 follow https://files.ettus.com/manual/page_dpdk.html,but the result is not satisfactory.I got you have some research about this from the user-list emails(With an i7-4790k / Intel x520-DA2 and N310, to stream at full duplex, over two channels at 125 MS/s, the lowest I can run my CPU clock freq at without flow control errors is 3.8 GHz using benchmark_rate and the native networking stack. Using DPDK I can run 2x2 @ 125 MS/s with my CPU freq locked at 1.5 GHz with no flow control errors. ).
May be you can do me a favor and have some idea about my quesion.
(1) I use benchmark_rate to test the streaming performance, I only got 122.88MS/s for 1channel, or 61.44MS/s for 2x2. run with 2x2 at 122.88MS/s , a lot of samples dropped. 
Unfortuately, my destination is 4x4 at 122.88MS/s. I don't know is it possible for my present host machine, or what configuration of host machine should have?
ubuntu server 18.04    uhd:  dpdk 17.11.6   dual 10GbE links (XG image loaded)
host machine: 4 node, 8 cores in each node, tota 32 cores, cpu: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-4650 0 @ 2.70GHz
more informations about my host machine is in the attchachment.(hypethread closed, cpufrequtils GOVERNOR="perfomance")
   --args "type=n3xx,mgmt_addr=,addr=,master_clock_rate=122.88e6,use_dpdk=1" \
   --duration 60 \
   --channels "0,1" \
   --rx_rate 122.88e6 \
   --rx_subdev "A:0 A:1" \
   --tx_rate 122.88e6 \
   --tx_subdev "A:0 A:1" 
   Benchmark rate summary:
     Num received samples:     2744145668
  Num dropped samples:      6030320380
  Num overruns detected:    921
  Num transmitted samples:  14684137560
  Num sequence errors (Tx): 0
  Num sequence errors (Rx): 0
  Num underruns detected:   67231
  Num late commands:        0
  Num timeouts (Tx):        0
  Num timeouts (Rx):        0

(2) In the  txrx_loopback_to_file test ,when I use the default --setting for 4*4channels, there is a error UUUUError: Receiver error ERROR_CODE_LATE_COMMAND .
I change it to --setting 1 ,it works.
I want to know the influence to my streaming or sample datas if 1 increase  --setting?
(--settling arg (=0.20000000000000001) settling time (seconds) before receiving)

Much appreciated.

Panny Wang

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