[USRP-users] E320 SD Image lacking libraries; cross-compile help

Chris Gobbett gobbo at tpg.com.au
Sat Mar 23 04:44:54 EDT 2019

We’ve just purchase a shiny new E320 or three and are looking to translate some gnuradio-generated python code from an E310 across, but I’m having problems which weren’t apparent during development for the E310.

Some differences which took me by surprise:
- The Python2.7 libraries are severely lacking; some of the standard libraries (e.g. decimal, numbers, runpy) aren’t present?!
- No gnuradio present at all? No binaries, nor the python 2.7 modules

I thought the lack of python2.7 modules may just be a side effect of Gnuradio heading towards Python 3, but given that UHD still defaults to Python 2.7 I’m wondering if I’ve missed something more obvious??
- Do I need to manually cross-compile and install Python2.7 in addition to installing gnuradio on the target? 
- Will rebuilding my GRC to use Python3 rather than Python2.7 solve my problems?

(longer background + steps taken...)

Over the last few days I’ve tried combinations of cross-compiling uhd and gnuradio, though given the reliance of my code on python2.7 this in turn leads to extra dependencies which aren’t there; e.g. uhd_swig is now after a newer libboost than what is on the card. I’ve tried copying the missing python2.7 modules (above) from my e310 image as a stopgap measure, but while it works on the surface I think this is just adding more pain rather than helping.

The guides I used for the cross-compiling are included below. I’ve successfully built and run uhd and gnuradio by themselves on the E320 (e.g. gnuradio-config-info and uhd_usrp_probe run fine in isolation), but when it comes time to ‘from gnuradio import uhd’ is when the wheels fall off.

First guides were used to  build UHD on the host; to download the sdcard image, and to get the toolchain:
https://kb.ettus.com/E320_Getting_Started_Guide (Feb19)

The steps regarding ldconfig linking the libraries on target aren’t included in the other guides; are they necessary? I’ve mainly followed these steps:
https://wiki.gnuradio.org/index.php/Cross_compile_an_OOT_and_install_on_target (Mar17)
https://wiki.gnuradio.org/index.php/Cross_compile_GNU_Radio_and_install_on_target (Mar17)
https://kb.ettus.com/Software_Development_on_the_E3xx_USRP_-_Building_RFNoC_UHD_/_GNU_Radio_/_gr-ettus_from_Source (Sep17)

Short of building the code, this page doesn’t help much (e310-focussed):

Apologies for the large ramble... this has been several days coming, and I seem to be only going in circles... :(

Host running Ubuntu 18.04
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