[USRP-users] Multiple independent tx_streamers on X310 with UBX boards

Michael R. Freedman mfreedman at ll.mit.edu
Fri Mar 22 19:23:58 EDT 2019


I have serveral X310s all with UBX boards up and running with 
independent rx_streamers for each channel.  I have attempted to get 
multiple tx_streamers working in the same way with no success.  In 
addition, I am having issues picking which channel I want to transmit 
on.  I am running the XG  version of the firmware.

For example, If my args are addr0=,addr1=  
and tx_subdev_spec is "A:0 B:0 A:0 B:0", if I create a tx_streamer on 
channel 0 it comes out of channel 0 on the first board.  If I create it 
on channel 1, I get nothing out.  If I create it on channel 2, It comes 
out on channel 0.

I am using timed transmit and receives.



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