[USRP-users] Phase after Freq Hopping

Patscheider, Dominik dominik.patscheider at student.kit.edu
Tue Mar 12 12:49:52 EDT 2019

Hello ,

For a Radar I´m transmitting and receiving with the USRP X310 samples on different frequency steps.

For instance, after 4 frames I´m coming back to the first center freq and continue this a few times. Hope the following description helps…

f3                   |phase4|       |…|
f2                  |phase3|       |…|
f1               |phase2|       |phase6|       …
f0            |phase1|       |phase5|
                t ------>
According to the freq adjust every frame starts with a new phase.
Phase 1 ≠ Phase 5

Is there any possibility to get the same phase after returning to the same center freq? Phase 1=Phase 5, Phase 2 = Phase 6,…

Thanks in advance.

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