[USRP-users] x300 fw communication failure #1

Armin Schmidt schmiar at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 05:02:43 EDT 2019

Hallo Guys,

We use an x310 device with ubx-160 daughterboards and we have several
custome RFNoC blocks on it. It works at the moment quite well but we get at
the end of the make() for a multi-usrp the following error:

[ERROR] [X300] x300 fw communication failure #1
EnvironmentError: IOError: x300 fw poke32 - reply timed out

It seems not to hurt us, but maybe we didn't detected the problem till now

Does someone know, why this error happens? Actually we had an FPGA-image
without a ddc-block and there was no problem. But after we also integrated
the ddc-block, because we needed to manipulate the lo, we got this error.
Actually we've got the error twice, also after initializing the
radio-ctrls. But there we could solve the problem by introducing a 1s wait
until further initializations. So it seems, maybe it's a bug in the make(),
because they do not wait somewhere enought long before further
initializations? I have after the make already a wait of 1s and also 2s
didn't changed anything.

Many thanks for your help!

Armin Schmidt
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