[USRP-users] Frequency resolution of UBX-160 with integer N mode

Andreas Leuenberger andreas.leuenberger at palindrome-rs.ch
Fri Mar 8 06:22:17 EST 2019

Thanks Marcus!
Looking at the code, I have seen that the daughter board clock
rate can be change by including "dboard_clock_rate=10e6" in the
device arguments. If there is no phase synchronization issue, this
would be the best solution for me.
ISee also the UBX documentaion:

Best regards,

On 07.03.19 10:50, Marcus Müller wrote:
> Good description!
> If you look into uhd/host/lib/usrp/dboard/dboard_ubx.cpp (I think), you
> should find that the constructor looks through all the rates the
> motherboard (X310 in your case) has to offer and picks the highest one
> that works with your UBX. That'd be 25 MHz for the 0. revision of the
> UBX, and 50 MHz for any after that (which you extremely likely have).
> Best regards,
> Marcus
> On Thu, 2019-03-07 at 10:14 +0100, Andreas Leuenberger via USRP-users
> wrote:
>> Hi Fabian
>> Thank you for your answer.
>> I have check the schematics of the X310. The reference clocks to the
>> daughter boards and the 200 MHz sampling clocks are both generated
>> by the "clock jitter clean" chip (LMK0481). I did not have time yet
>> to
>> check the configuration of this chip, but probably you are right and
>> the reference clock to the daughter boards is not 10 MHz (as I
>> assumed).
>> It could be 200 MHz or directly 50 MHz.
>> Best regards,
>> andreas
>>> Hi,
>>> please double check on that, as I am not 100% sure.
>>> As far as I was able to figure out, the LO is generated from the
>>> Daughterboard internal 200 MHz reference (which is dirived from the
>> 10
>>> MHz), but is divided by 4 for some reason, so you get multiples of
>> 50
>>> MHz. This will also induce a random 90° phase shift between the
>> signals,
>>> which is a big problem for MIMO stuff.
>>> At least the TwinRX boards we used were able to share the LO
>> between
>>> multiple channels, which fixed the problem for us.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Fabian
>>> Am 04.03.2019 um 17:23 schrieb Andreas Leuenberger via USRP-users:
>>>> Hello all,
>>>> I am using a USRP X310 with two daughter boards UBX-160 v2. To
>> get a
>>>> stable phase difference of the two daughter boards, I use the RX
>> LOs in
>>>> integer N mode ("mode_n=integer"). - I have noticed that the
>> frequency
>>>> step of the LO is 50 MHz. As the frequency of the reference
>> signal is 10
>>>> MHz, I would expect a step of 10 MHz.
>>>> Is there a way to reduce this frequency step?
>>>> Thanks for your help,
>>>> andreas
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