[USRP-users] Set difference center frequency for each channel in USRP X300

Peng Xie xiefriday at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 01:54:34 EST 2019

Hi Guys,

I have a question about USRP X300. My plan is to receive RF data from two
channels, and each channel has difference center frequency, e.g., first one
set to 1.5 GHz, second one set to 1.6 GHz. Initially I want to use USRP
B210 dual channel transceiver (as it is much cheaper), however, later I
realized that B210 shared the same LO for each channel, which means I
cannot set different center frequency on each channel.

So my question is does X300 works for this case? Can I set different center
frequency for each channel?


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