[USRP-users] Hardware clocks, X310

Cherif Diouf C.E.V.Diouf at tudelft.nl
Thu Feb 28 10:05:52 EST 2019

Hello guys,

I am a researcher working with the X310 USRP. I have a couple of questions regarding the Hardware clocks.
The bus_clock and radio_clk are by default respectively set at 166 MHz and 200 MHz.
And if I am right the crossbar clock ce_clk is also at 200 MHz. Is there a solution to bring it down to ce_clk = 50 MHz, in that case

1)      Does it mean that all the Kintex XC410T blocks will run at 50 MHz ? Is this safe?

2)       What about the ADC and DAC and their sampling clock?

3)      Finally can we have different RFnoc blocks running at different clock frequencies and still have the  crossbar  running at a given clock frequency?

Best Regards
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