[USRP-users] USRP X310 GPS or IEEE 1588 Synchronization

akin soysal akinsoysal at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 11:30:20 EST 2019

Hello All,

I have a question. We want to synchronize the clock of the two USRP X310s
with a GPS or IEEE 1588 standard. I would like to synchronize the two USRPs
with each other so that the base station and user terminal would not
experience any synchronization issue. I also would like to synchronize one
of the USRP X310s with an external base station, which supports IEEE 1588
and GPS clocks, and we have a synchronization budget of about *250us*.

I learned that the setup that worked in France is using the following Ettus


Do you think that this would suffice for our needs? It has its own GPS
clock and antenna inside, right? It is compatible with USRP X310?

I know that the product specification does not include IEEE 1588, so I am
concluding that it would not be possible to use this standard for our
scenario, do you agree?

Thanks and regards,

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