[USRP-users] Custom filesystems for N310: adding gnuradio

Ali Dormiani sdormian at eng.ucsd.edu
Fri Feb 8 17:19:06 EST 2019

Hello everyone,

I've spent a few hours trying to learn docker and get a N310 filesystem
with gnuradio on it.

So far no luck.

I followed the documentation:


And got this output:

WARNING: unable to chmod /home/oe-builder/build
Error: TEMPLATECONF value points to nonexistent directory

Additionally, I have no idea how to compile gnuradio in the docker
container. There are a lot of missing dependencies and there is no package

Am I supposed to compile gnuradio's dependencies from source?

Is it even reasonable to try to get gnuradio on a USRP SDIMG filesystem?
I ask this last question because it seems strange the Ettus folks don't put
gnuradio on the default filesystem. It's opensource, very useful, and there
is plenty of free space (~7 Gb) in the stock partitions. Why not?

Thank you all for your time,

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