[USRP-users] NOC Shell config ports

Kranz Samuel Josef samuel.kranz at ntb.ch
Fri Feb 8 10:05:27 EST 2019


The last few days I was working on a multi-port rfnoc block (2 inputs, 2 outputs). By analyzing the ADD/SUB (noc_block_addsub.v) and the NOC Shell modules, I understood how packet handling works.
However, I'm not quite sure why the control ports (especially the control sink - set_data, set_addr, ... ) also scale with the number of BLOCK_PORTS (noc_shell).
To my understanding parameters configured in gr are provided through these.

So I came up with these questions.

1)      Why does every stream has their own set of signals?

2)      How are these ports properly used in multi stream blocks?

3)      Is there any useful information (documentation, code file) which explains the functionality of these ports?

Thanks in advance.

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