[USRP-users] Old USRP2 - Network Link Issues

Iain Young iain at g7iii.net
Thu Feb 7 12:33:02 EST 2019

Hi Folks,

I have an old USRP2, which I recently acquired sans top/sides. It powers
up and loads both the CPLD and firmware (LEDS D+F lit) just fine. LED B
lights if I connect a MIMO cable. I have also placed the latest firmware
on the SD card.

However, the gigabit ethernet won't come up. It attempts to, but goes
down after a couple of seconds. It then continues to flap. I've tried
four different LAN cables (including the one that my N200 happily talks
to), two switches, and the dedicated PC port the N200 is usually
connected to.

Connecting to the serial interface, I do see it changing the ethernet
speed to 1000 and then 0 continually.

While I know it's old and 'not recommended for new installations', does
anyone have any ideas on how I might proceed, or what to check or try
next ?

The eventual use for this particular USRP2 is a slave via the MIMO
cable to the N200 in Shared Ethernet Mode, so maybe there's a way
to get the IP address etc, and set time&clock sources to MIMO without
needing the ethernet up ? Or am I going to need it up to setup the
Shared Ethernet Mode ?

Thanks in advance, and Best Regards


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