[USRP-users] Extending 'tx_sample_from_file ' to send multiple files over multiple TX

Rob Kossler rkossler at nd.edu
Wed Feb 6 18:12:05 EST 2019

Hi Ali,
A few comments...
1) perhaps use gnuradio and attach four file source blocks to the usrp.
This is probably the easiest.
2) perhaps modify the tx_samples_from_file as you suggested.  If you want
to go this route, I may be able to dig up some old code where we did this.
3) In either case above, is there a bandwidth limitation from the N310 CPU
to the FPGA that may make these unsuitable?
4) perhaps use custom RFNoC image with the 'replay' block.  This would work
great if you don't have to control the channel-to-channel relative timing
(the replay block doesn't support).  But, the drawback is you would have to
be able to compile such an image and you would likely want to use
gnuradio/gr-ettus to run on the CPU because it is non-trivial to control a
custom RFNoC image from UHD.


On Wed, Feb 6, 2019 at 5:15 PM Ali Dormiani via USRP-users <
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> Hello everyone,
> I'm trying to set up a few N310's in neighboring buildings. I want each
> N310 to be its own 4 TX transmitter.
> For space and cost reasons I am putting the waveforms (in binary float32)
> directly on the SD card filesystem. My goal is to have each N310 send the
> waveform on loop indefinitely.
> So I have 4 .bin files that I want to transmit, one per TX.
> I'm not proficient in c++ but the provided tx_sample_from_file seems to
> only work with one file-antenna pair.
> Could I make a script that runs 4 duplicate commands with different
> arguments? I suspect the MPM claiming system would not like this though.
> Otherwise, is modifying the the example c++ (add more file and antenna
> arguments) the best path forward?
> Thank you all for your time,
> Ali
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