[USRP-users] Extending 'tx_sample_from_file ' to send multiple files over multiple TX

Ali Dormiani sdormian at eng.ucsd.edu
Wed Feb 6 17:13:39 EST 2019

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to set up a few N310's in neighboring buildings. I want each
N310 to be its own 4 TX transmitter.

For space and cost reasons I am putting the waveforms (in binary float32)
directly on the SD card filesystem. My goal is to have each N310 send the
waveform on loop indefinitely.

So I have 4 .bin files that I want to transmit, one per TX.

I'm not proficient in c++ but the provided tx_sample_from_file seems to
only work with one file-antenna pair.

Could I make a script that runs 4 duplicate commands with different
arguments? I suspect the MPM claiming system would not like this though.

Otherwise, is modifying the the example c++ (add more file and antenna
arguments) the best path forward?

Thank you all for your time,

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