[USRP-users] Issue using two B200mini connected to same SBC

Marcus D. Leech patchvonbraun at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 08:42:12 EST 2019

On 02/05/2019 06:44 AM, Lucas Val Terrón via USRP-users wrote:
> Hello all,
> My goal is to launch two independent applications from the same SBC. 
> Each of them needs to use exclusively one USRP B200mini. The 
> incovenience is that once I launch one app, e.g. linked to 
> USRP_B200mini_1, the other one (USRP_B200mini_2) dissapears. I check 
> this using usrp_find_devices command. Curiously, after stopping the 
> app, both usrps are again available.
> To specify which USRP is going to use each app, I include the serial 
> number of the corresponding USRP in the args input.
> Is it possible doing what I want? Am I missing any configuration?
> Thanks in advantage,
> Lucas
My guess would be power-supply issues on the USB controller.

I've run multiple B200 on an Odroid XU4Q, but you *have* to use external 
power, or a powered hub.

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