[USRP-users] Syncing two USRP B200

Remco Vink r.vink at opnt.nl
Tue Feb 5 08:06:23 EST 2019

Dear all,

I am experiencing some troubles trying to synchronize two B200 USRPs.
The 10MHz and the PPS of the USRPs are connected by means of a splitter to
a rubidium clock source.
I try to replicate the test as seen in "
I have a signal generator set to 200.01MHz and the USRPs are tuned to
200MHz. However looking at the GUI Scope the frequencies are not consistent
at all. When looking at the graph a difference in frequencies can clearly
be seen.
[image: image.png]
The USRP sources are set to
Sync: Unknown PPS, which according to another mailing list questions should

set the time on the hardware to be the same as
the PC clock, but using the external PPS trigger.

The clock and timing sources are set to external.
I have not specified the starting time yet, so I expect the signals to
be out of phase.
>From my understanding the frequencies of the two devices should be the
same. However this does not seem the case.

Furthermore I also read something about the USB3.0 controller not
always capable of handling two streams simultaneously, could this be a

Looking forward to hearing some of your more experienced input, if any
further information is required please let me know.
Thanks in advance!


Met vriendelijke groet/With kind regards,

Remco Vink

OPNT B.V. | Time provisioning

De Boelelaan 1081 | Gebouw W&N |1081 HV Amsterdam

E: r.vink at opnt.nl  <r.vink at opnt.nl>| www.opnt.nl
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