[USRP-users] Issue using two B200mini connected to same SBC

Lucas Val Terrón lval at gradiant.org
Tue Feb 5 06:44:19 EST 2019

Hello all,

My goal is to launch two independent applications from the same SBC. Each
of them needs to use exclusively one USRP B200mini. The incovenience is
that once I launch one app, e.g. linked to USRP_B200mini_1, the other one
(USRP_B200mini_2) dissapears. I check this using usrp_find_devices command.
Curiously, after stopping the app, both usrps are again available.

To specify which USRP is going to use each app, I include the serial number
of the corresponding USRP in the args input.

Is it possible doing what I want? Am I missing any configuration?

Thanks in advantage,
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