[USRP-users] Bug in timed switching of sample rate

Fabian Schwartau fabian at opencode.eu
Mon Feb 4 07:05:23 EST 2019

thanks for the update.
Where can I access the bugtracker to keep track on this issue? Or is it 
an internal one?
Is there a plan to implement this feature in the near future?

Best regards,

Am 29.01.2019 um 16:11 schrieb Marcus D. Leech:
> On 01/29/2019 09:23 AM, Fabian Schwartau via USRP-users wrote:
>> Hi Xavier,
>> sorry for the late answer. I missed your mail.
>> It might be related, but I don't know exactly. I am not a software 
>> expert and it is driving me crazy. In my case it seems like it makes 
>> no difference if I time the command or not, it is executed right away. 
>> As the record instruction is set in the future (after the timed sample 
>> rate switch), the recording fails to too few/many samples as the USRP 
>> switched the sample rate too early and messed up the record command.
>> Marcus also did not came back yet, so I am still stucked and I wrote a 
>> work-a-round to wait for all operations beeing finished before 
>> executing the sample rate switch. But this is quite bad, as I need a 
>> lot of time until I can send a new command with the changed sample 
>> rate. As I am continously switching frequency/sample rate and other 
>> parameters, waiting for the command buffer to be empty is currently 
>> cusuming most of the time and my switching rate is very limited.
>> Hope this can be fixed at some point.
>> Best regards,
>> Fabian
> Based on the bugtracker data from R&D, making DDC/DUC rate changes 
> (which is sample-rate changes) covered by timed commands is
>    a pending feature.

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