[USRP-users] two X310s in one RFNoC flowgraph

Jason Matusiak jason at gardettoengineering.com
Fri Feb 1 12:17:05 EST 2019

Upon further review, even though this worked, it doesn't seem to work for dual X310s with TwinRXs in it.  Anyone have any multi-usrp advice with that (since I pretty much no experience with TwinRX)?  I figure there might be a clue that there could help me with the rfnoc side of things.

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I just figured it out (I found lots of people asking the question, but no answers, so hopefully this can help someone else).

1st - Set the "device select" option to 0 and 1 for the different X310s (usually you leave it at -1, but change the block select, but here we need to mod it).

2nd - you need a single Device3 like usual

3rd - under the Device Arguments block, add in your two IP addresses using the key of addr0 and addr1 like this: "addr0=, addr1=" (I tried it both with and without the quotes and it works fine either way),

Now, Device 0 will get associated with addr0, and device 1 will get associates with addr1.

I hope that makes sense and helps someone.

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Hi Jason,
Given that under the hood, the stock multi_usrp (along with legacy_compat) implements an RFNoC graph, it must be possible.  I have run multiple X310s with the stock multi_usrp.  I have looked at legacy_compat pretty thoroughly and it keeps track of blocks as a function of device number (motherboard).  If I had a 2nd X310 handy, I would try it with my own non-stock multi_usrp object, but I don't - sorry.

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Is it possible to have a single flowgraph that has 2 X310s running RFNoC in it?  I can't seem to figure out a way to make it work, though I think there must be a way.  Both streams would be streaming to the same host machine for processing.


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